Angela Davis nach ihrem Vortrag zum Internationalen Frauentag 2017 im Belfaster Rathaus.

Titelfoto: Angela Davis after her International Women’s Day talk at Belfast City Hall 2017.(photos by Stew)

International Women’s Day: Angela Davis in Ireland 2017

Veröffentlicht am 09.03.2017:

Angela Davis, a radical black feminist, political activist and academic, told a packed audience in Belfast City Hall today of the struggle ahead to oppose the policies of newly elected US President Donald Trump. Ms Davis was in Belfast for an event organised by Reclaim the Agenda on International Women’s Day.

This short audio track of Angela Davis being interviewed on radio by Seamus McKee is a segment from BBC Evening Extra 8/3/2017. The last minute or so is a collection of women saying what International Women’s Day means to them personally, recorded at the Bread and Roses event in the City Hall.

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