No pasáran -pasaremos! – Appeal of the Federal Congress of VVN-BdA

Joint Appeal of the Federal Committee of the Union of Victims of persecution by the Nazi regime – the Union of Antifascists (VVN-BdA) and its affiliated „Union of Fighters and Friends of the Spanish Republic 1936-1939 r.s. (KFSR)“ from 26th of June 2016

No pasáran -pasaremos!

The democratic general public remembers this year at the coup d´etat by reationary Generals which took place in Spain 80 years ago and finished three years later by the annihilation of the 2nd Spanish Republic. Today we know that the Spanish war from 1936 to 1939 became the first battle of the Second World War. The victory of Franco and his fascist allies marked a dramantic turning point in the history of the 20th century.

Volunteers from more than 50 countries left their homes and families and rendered help to the Spanish Republic. They drew up International Brigades and became members of units of the Spanish People´s Army. Thousands of volunteers, among them around 4.000 Germans, who represented the better Germany in this war, fought by risking their lives at the side of the Spanish people against fasism, for democracy, freedom and social justice.

The solidarity of fighters will be taken as part of the international and antifascist movements over countries´ borders into the struggles of the present, to everywhere, where human-beings are nowadays engaged in the same spirit.
In many countries one is commemorating the International Brigades this year. By manifold events relatives and friends appreciate the commitment of the volunteers. In some countries, as in Poland, even under difficult conditions. In other countries the commemoration takes place traditionally by the participation of municipal, regional and central state-run institutions. The official policy of the Federal Republic has
a lot to catch up on this regard.

Together with its affiliated union „Fighters and Friends of the Spanish Republic 1936-1939
r.s. (KFSR) „ the Federal Committee of the VVN-BdA calls upon all members, supporters and groups, antifascists, initiatives and young antifa-groups, the municipal and regional parlaments as well as the German Bundestag:

Let´s commemorate the Antifascists who fought in Spain.

Let´s remember their contribution for an antifascist and democraticEurope.

The month of October should become a month of commemoration for the International Brigades!

Redaktion KFSR

Redaktion KFSR